Air conditioners and split systems Kentatsu

The model series of KENTATSU equipment is quite wide. The nomenclature of the climatic equipment considerably surpasses a variety of similar technics of other trade marks. At present the company produces Split, Multi Split, various semi-industrial equipment - cassette, channel, floor, wall models.

Functions and design features

Priority features

Inverter technology

  • Inverter technology

    Inverter technology improves the accuracy of maintaining the temperature, saves electricity, reduces noise and increases the service life of the compressor due to a smooth change in the performance of the air conditioner. A more sophisticated microprocessor than the standard air conditioner is used, which extends the control capabilities, for example, protects the air conditioner from power supply instability.

  • Protection against power instability

    Protection from instability of power supply in inverter models will preserve the efficiency of the air conditioner when the mains voltage fluctuates from 160 to 250 V, which considerably exceeds the standard requirements for electromechanical devices. The voltage stabilizer is already built in, it will not only save your money, but it will also prove to be practically indispensable in rural areas, in apartment buildings, in industrial areas of large cities.

Night mode

  • Night mode

    Night mode saves electricity and reduces noise level during sleep, and then automatically returns the previous mode.


  • Anti-stress function

    The anti-stress function will eliminate the unpleasant effect on the human body of cold or hot air, which is fed from the indoor unit. This function automatically changes the direction of air supply from the indoor unit depending on the temperature and provides a uniform temperature background throughout the room. It is based on regularities, peeped by nature.

  • Local comfort mode

    Local comfort mode: the microclimate parameters are set at the location of the remote control.

Air flow

Air flow distribution

  • Air distribution system

    The air distribution system supports the draft prevention function.

  • Fan speed control

    Controlling the fan speed of the indoor unit allows you to change the performance of the air conditioner with a simultaneous change in the speed of air supply to the room - low-medium-high-auto. The first three of them can be set using the control panel, and the fourth one makes the microprocessor depending on the temperature difference - in the room and installed on the control panel.

Air treatment

  • 4-stage air purification

    4-stage cleaning of the air in the room will ensure its compliance with the requirements of international standards for the content of domestic pollution and odors. Filters mechanical, electrostatic, adsorption and photocatalytic cleaning will stop poplar fluff, animal hair, dandruff, eliminate the majority of household odors, prevent the appearance of mold, deactivate viruses and microbes.

Air ionizer

  • Luftionengenerator

    The aeroion generator turns air molecules into negatively charged ions, with which the forest and mountain air is rich.

Silver ion filter

  • Filter mit Silberionen

    A filter with silver ions significantly reduces the activity of bacteria, destroying their internal structure, ensuring a constant and highly effective air purification.

Photocatalytic filter

  • Photocatalytic nanofilter

    The photocatalytic nanofilter allows to eliminate unpleasant odors, formaldehyde and various viruses with the help of nanoparticles based on titanium dioxide (TiO2). The filter restores its deodorant properties when exposed to sunlight.

Other features

  • Automatische Modusauswahl

    Automatic mode selection - cooling, heating or only ventilation - occurs without user intervention. The microprocessor itself will alternate them depending on the difference in room temperature and installed on the console, saving energy consumed. This mode is especially convenient in the off-season, as it frees from frequent switching of the air conditioner manually.

  • Selecting the thermal mode of operation

    Selecting the thermal mode of the air conditioner as user, and automatically.

Automatic cleaning

  • Automatic cleaning

    Automatic cleaning of the evaporator of the indoor unit eliminates the formation of mold and unpleasant odors.

Automatic restart

  • Automatic restart

    Automatic restart restores the air conditioner after a power failure to the previous settings without user intervention. This function is most effective in the absence of someone indoors or during sleep. The microprocessor will necessarily "take into account" the need for a 3-minute delay with the start-up of the compressor in order to equalize the pressure in the refrigeration circuit.

  • Saving user settings

    Saving user settings. Automatic restart after a power failure.

Design features

  • Easy management and maintenance

    Easy management and maintenance, an optimal set of functions and modes.

  • Information display

    The information display on the indoor unit displays the main activated modes, the set temperature and the timer value.

  • Removable front panel

    Removable front panel makes it easy to tilt it and separate it from the case of the indoor unit, without resorting to the services of specialists. No special tools are required. Care of the indoor unit is not only facilitated, but can also become more quality, as washing in warm water with detergents will eliminate the danger of dirty stains on the snow-white surface.

  • The smallest unit of wall type

    The most compact unit is wall-mounted. Due to the movable front panel the thickness of the air conditioner is only 165 mm.