Series of air conditioners LG Maestro Inverter

Wall split systems

Information by catalog LG 2010

Models of wall split systems LG of the Maestro Inverter series

Functions and design features of wall split systems LG Maestro Inverter

Priority features

Night mode
  • Sleep mode

    One press of the sleep button automatically programs the air conditioning shutdown and fan speed control, and also sets the most comfortable temperature for sleep.

Air flow

Forced air cooling / heating
  • Jet Cool cooling mode

    The Jet Cool ™ function allows you to quickly cool the room. In this mode, intensive air flow with high speed is applied for 30 minutes, until the room temperature reaches 18 ° C.

Air treatment

  • Triple Filter

    The triple filter consists of three special filters that destroy various dangerous organic compounds, for example, formaldehyde. It can also remove unpleasant odors, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

    1. A conventional deodorizing filter absorbs odors that cause headache and chronic fatigue.

    2. An anti-formaldehyde filter deters harmful formaldehyde vapors, and also prevents dermatitis, attacks of nausea and pneumonia.

    3. The VOC filter removes odors and hazardous volatile organic compounds that can emit items of furniture containing chemicals (carpets, paints, cleaners, furniture, etc.).

Plasma air purification filter
  • Filter Cyclotron Plasma

    Developed by LG Electronics, the Plasma air purification system reduces the amount of minute dust and dust, and also removes household mites, plant pollen and animal wool, preventing allergic diseases and asthma attacks. The third-generation plasma filter, by its efficiency, exceeds the filters of the second generation by 30% due to the combined use of electric and magnetic fields.

Antiviral, anti-allergenic filter
  • Antiviral / Antiallergenic filter

    The tests carried out by authoritative institutes confirm that the antiviral / anti-allergenic filter element of the air purification system deactivates dangerous viruses, including the A (H1N1) virus.

Design features

Corrosion protection
  • Gold Fin Coating

    The special protective covering of the fins of the outdoor unit heat exchanger protects it from corrosion, which arises from the influence of the environment on it, which is especially important in the conditions of large cities.