Series of air conditioners Hitachi Eco Sensor

Wall split systems

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Models of wall split systems Hitachi of the Eco Sensor series

Functions and design features of wall split systems Hitachi Eco Sensor

Priority features

Motion Sensor
3-zone motion sensor
  • Eco-Sensor

    Two sensors are compound lenses operating in the infrared range. They allow you to determine the location and movement of people in the room and then the air conditioner automatically selects the operating mode to create the most comfortable conditions and energy saving.

    Two composite lenses are able to recognize three zones in the room served - left, right and center. Thus, accurate monitoring of the location of people in the room is provided.

Inverter technology
  • Inverter control of direct current All-DC Inverter

    Inverter technology ALL-DC INVERTER from HITACHI ensures smoothness of reaching the required temperature and high energy efficiency when operating air conditioners. Unlike the traditional compressor control scheme ("on / off"), inverter technology allows smoothly adjusting the compressor speed, and hence the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. As a result, we get more accurate maintenance of the required temperature, energy efficiency and increased operating life of the compressor due to fewer start / stop cycles.

Night mode
  • Night Mode Timer

    Allows you to set the time of the air conditioner shutdown by timer. At the same time, until the time of shutdown, the fan runs at the minimum rotation speed, creating the most favorable conditions for a good sleep.

Energy saving
  • High COP

    According to the directive EC-92/75 / EEC (July 2004), all domestic air-conditioners should be labeled with the category of their energy efficiency. In accordance with their energy saving characteristics, air conditioners are classified in descending order from "A" to "G". Thanks to Hitachi DC-Inverter technology, Hitachi air conditioners have the highest class of energy consumption - Class A.

Air quality control

Humidity control
  • Comfortable drying

    The heat recovery system allows you to remove moisture from the air without lowering the temperature in the room. When operating under conditions of 40% humidity this mode destroys mites and fungi. Depending on the needs, there are three modes of dehumidification: "Auto", "Quick drying", "Preventing fogging. "

  • Humidity control

    IN THE REGIMES "AUTOMATIC DRYING" AND "COOLING WITH DRYING". In addition to the temperature in some modes, the air conditioner controls the humidity level in the room. The control range is 40-70% in increments of 5%.

Air treatment

Deodorizing filter
  • Wasabi Cassette

    "Wasabi" is a Japanese seasoning, which is usually served to sushi. It prevents the spread of fungus and the appearance of mold. Wasabi-cassette, located directly behind the dust collector of the automatic filter cleaner, uses the properties of wasabi to maintain the dust collector cleanliness. In addition to this, there is a special function "Preventing mold growth".

Air ionizer
  • Ionized moisture generator

    Refresh the air with ionized moisture!

    The air conditioner is equipped with an ion generator, which produces nanoparticles of moisture. This ionized moisture surrounds and destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi with efficacy up to 99.99% *, and also decomposes and eliminates odors.

    Unique effect of disinfection and odor elimination

    Nanoparticles of ionized moisture decompose and eliminate odors of the kitchen, cigarette smoke, smells of pets and even old clothes smells or curtains.

Microcellular filter made of stainless material
  • Microcellular filter made of stainless material

    A stainless steel filter has several advantages over a conventional polyurethane filter. It is much more durable, resistant to contamination with greasy coating, and also easy to clean. Due to the coating with titanium oxide, it has a disinfecting effect.

  • Nano Titanium Technology

    New HITACHI air conditioners use a Nano Titanium filter consisting of antibacterial nanoparticles. The state-of-the-art Nano Titanium technology, which HITACHI applied for the first time in the world, operates on objects measuring up to 5 nm (nanometers) - (5/1 000 000 mm). For example, the diameter of a human hair is 50,000 nm, the size of the virus of staphylococcus is 1,000 nm, the virus of influence is 50-100 nm, the cigarette smoke is 10-50 nm. With the latest HITACHI technology, the Nano Titanium filter can capture particles 10,000 times thinner than the human hair, creating healthy and clean air for you.

Plasma air purification filter
  • Plasma air purification

    The plasma electrode emits negative ions that surround the dirt particles and are trapped by a microcellular filter made of stainless material. In different models, one or two electrodes are used.

Other features

  • Stainless steel air channel

    The back wall of the air duct behind the fan is made of stainless material. The use of this material avoids the formation of plaque and performs the function of disinfection.

    Air flap made of stainless steel

    To produce the air damper, a stainless material is used, which protects against plaque formation and performs the disinfection function, which allows to keep the air outlet clean.

    Fan with silver-ion coating

    The fan of the unit in the room is covered with a metal containing silver ions. This material protects against plaque formation and performs the disinfection function, which allows to keep the fan surfaces clean.

    Heat exchanger with titanium coating

    The coating with titanium catalyst, applied to the surface of the heat exchanger, completely eliminates odors. This same material protects against plaque formation, performs the function of disinfection and suppresses the growth of fungi.

Automatic cleaning
  • Automatic cleaning of filters

    The automatic filter cleaning unit cleans dust collected by a microcellular stainless steel filter into a dust collection container. Thanks to this, the air conditioner filter is kept clean.

Operation at low outdoor temperature
  • Operation up to -20 ° С

    In the heating mode, many models of HITACHI air conditioners are capable of operating at an ambient temperature of -20 ° C. This is achieved through the use of inverter technology ALL DC Inverter and compressors of special design.