Series of air conditioners Venterra INNOVA MODERNO

Wall split systems

Information by catalog Venterra 2011

Models of wall split systems Venterra of the INNOVA MODERNO series

Functions and design features of wall split systems Venterra INNOVA MODERNO

Priority features

Night mode
  • Night mode

    Thanks to the night mode function, the temperature (cooling / heating) is automatically changed by one degree per hour. After 2 hours, the temperature stops changing and after 5 hours of operation in this mode the air conditioner turns off.

Follow me
  • Follow me

    Function that allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the part of the room where the remote control is located.


Quiet operation of indoor unit
  • Low airflow noise

    The optimally selected indoor unit fan delivers maximum airflow with a minimum noise level in all modes of operation of the air conditioner, allowing you to keep quiet and maintain comfort in the room.

Air flow

Air flow distribution
  • Temperature Compensation

    The temperature in the under-ceiling space is usually higher than that of the floor. This function automatically adjusts the temperature difference.

  • The technology of automatic installation of two directions of air flow

    Due to the special design of the case and the built-in microprocessor, the VENTERRA air conditioners control and automatically install two air flow directions. In cooling mode, the air jalousies open counterclockwise and the cool air comes out horizontally, smoothly sinking down. Thus, room temperature is reduced evenly and comfortably for others. In heating mode, the air curtains open clockwise. The warm air goes down, and the room temperature rises quickly and evenly throughout the room.

Forced air cooling / heating
  • Turbo

    Function that allows you to reach the desired temperature in the room for the shortest possible time.

Air treatment

Air ionizer
  • Ionizer

    Mountain air, air near waterfalls and in forest valleys soothes and refreshes. Scientists have proved that negative ions - anions that are in high concentrations in pure air - are responsible for this process. It is the anions that purify the air of dust and smoke. Taking electrons, they neutralize positive ions of harmful substances. It is the anions that improve health, they stimulate the circulatory system, facilitate the work of the lungs and significantly reduce the risk of respiratory diseases. The ionization technology used in VENTERRA air conditioners allows you to refresh and purify the air in your room. Anions are generated automatically by the ionizer when air passes through an electrostatic field with a voltage of 3 400 V. The number of anions reaches 1 000 000 per 1 cubic meter. cm of air.

Coal filter
  • Carbon Filter

    The carbon electrostatic filter eliminates persistent odors, such as ammonia (NH3), and also decontaminates harmful chemical gases, such as formaldehyde (HCHO). Forming a positive charge on the surface of the filter, the electrostatic coating delays the smallest particles of dust and smoke, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

High Airflow Filtration
  • 3M HAF Filter

    The latest development in air purification systems. The fine filter is made of electrostatic material. It is capable of restraining the smallest dust particles up to 0.1 μm. It is known that any filter, cleaning the air, restrains dust particles on itself, harmful bacteria that lead to the appearance of mold inside the conditioner, cause an unpleasant smell. The unique difference between the 3M HAF filter is that it is made of a special fiber that excludes the appearance and reproduction of mold and fungi, thereby maintaining the freshness of the air and the cleanliness of the air conditioner. In combination with an ionizer, the filter increases the cleaning efficiency by 50%.

Other features

  • Protection from power surges

    Designed specifically for Russian operating conditions, air conditioners withstand large voltage drops. Models with this function preserve stable operation at jumps from 190 V to 253 V.

Automatic diagnostics
  • Self-diagnosis and auto-protection function

    A microprocessor that performs automatic monitoring is able to recognize errors and diagnose the causes of their occurrence, including auto-protection. To inform about errors on the front panel of the indoor unit are located special indicators.

Automatic cleaning
  • Self clean

    Self-cleaning function for the air conditioner.

Automatic restart
  • Auto Restart Function

    When the power is supplied after it is suddenly turned off, the air conditioner automatically restores the previously set settings.

Design features

  • Ease of electrical connections

    The terminal box greatly simplifies the process of connecting the cable between the indoor and outdoor unit.

  • Easily washable panel

    The panel of the indoor unit is easily removed and cleaned.

  • High speed microprocessor

    Processing commands and control modes of the air conditioner is carried out using a high-speed microprocessor of the latest generation.

  • Protection of valves

    Special cover for protecting the outdoor unit's valves from damage and environmental influences.