Air conditioner Toshiba RAS-10NKD-E/RAS-10UA-E4

Wall split system

Information by catalog Toshiba 2009
25 м²
26 дБ
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Type: Wall split system
Model: RAS-10NKD-E/RAS-10UA-E4
Manufacturer country: Thailand

Technical specifications of the split system Toshiba RAS-10NKD-E/RAS-10UA-E4

Main characteristics of the air conditioner

Coolant type: R22
Cooling capacity: 2.7 kW
Estimated serving area: 25 m²
Air circulation, cooling: 610 m³/hour
Internal unit noise level (min/max): 26 / 39 dB
Outdoor unit noise level (min/max): 45 / 45 dB

Energy efficiency of the air conditioner

Energy efficiency ratio, cooling (EER): A 3.31 W/W

Electrical parameters of the air conditioner

Power supply: 220/50/1 V/Hz/phases
Power consumption, cooling: 0.85 kW
Operating current, cooling: 3.7 A

Dimensions of the air conditioner

Width of indoor unit: 790 mm
Height of indoor unit: 275 mm
Depth of indoor unit: 218 mm
Weight of indoor unit: 10 kg
Width of outdoor unit: 780 mm
Height of outdoor unit: 550 mm
Depth of outdoor unit: 290 mm
Weight of outdoor unit: 31 kg

Fastening and communications of the air conditioner

Maximum length of communications: 10 m
Height difference: 5 m
Diameter of liquid refrigerant pipes: 1/4 inch
Diameter of gas refrigerant pipes: 3/8 inch

Temperature conditions of the air conditioner

Minimum operating temperature, cooling: 15 °C
Maximum operating temperature, cooling: 43 °C

Functions and design features of the split system Toshiba RAS-10NKD-E/RAS-10UA-E4

Air treatment

Air ionizer

Other features

Automatic cleaning