Air conditioners and split systems Panasonic

The main distinguishing feature of Panasonic wall-mounted split systems is the low noise level of the indoor unit. Also worth noting is the system of unique air purification filters - coal, catechin, Super Alleru-Buster and others. In addition, all models of air conditioners Panasonic are adapted to work in conditions of unstable power supply and are equipped with the Autorestart function.

Functions and design features

Priority features

Inverter technology

  • Inverter control

    The inverter air conditioning system provides optimum power control, which is not possible for conventional models. The secret is in the inverter circuit. By varying the frequency of the power source, this circuit changes the speed of rotation of the compressor, which is the heart of the air-conditioning system. The result is a comfortable and economical air conditioning.

Energy saving

  • Mono sensor AUTOCOMFORT

    AUTOCOMFORT is another technology that creates a comfortable atmosphere in the room and allows maintaining the energy saving mode when there is no need for additional cooling / heating. One press of the button - and the air conditioner determines the current conditions in the room and optimizes the cooling / heating settings for greater comfort, and also activates the energy-saving functions. Thus, you get access to the same functionality as with ECONAVI technology - plus additional comfort.

    If comfort is the priority for you, but you want to achieve economical power consumption, press the AUTOCOMFORT button. The AUTOCOMFORT mode performs the Check, Evaluation and Execution operations based on the same 3 factors * that are involved in the ECONAVI function and one additional parameter for creating a comfortable environment - High / Low Recognition.

  • Mono Sensor ECONAVI

    ECONAVI technology uses a high-precision Human Sensor presence detector and an Intelligent Control Program to optimize the operation of the air conditioner, depending on the cleanliness of the air in the room. How does it save electricity? ECONAVI recognizes typical situations of inefficient electricity consumption and independently regulates the heating and cooling capacity. This helps you to effectively save energy without sacrificing your convenience and comfort.


Quiet operation of indoor unit

Air flow

Air flow distribution

  • Direction control of air flow (up / down)

    The damper automatically swings, distributing air throughout the room. You can also use the remote control to adjust the angle at which the airflow spreads.

  • Soft Breeze Mode

    When operating in cooling mode, the air conditioner's blinds swing up and down at random intervals, creating a slight cool breeze. This allows you to keep the room at a constant temperature, not supercooling it and providing natural comfort.

Forced air cooling / heating

  • Rapid cooling / heating mode Powerful

    If you need to quickly cool or warm the room, press the Powerful button. A powerful flow of cold or warm air will quickly create more comfortable conditions for you. This is especially convenient if you just returned home or you were unexpectedly visited by guests.

Air quality control

Humidity control

  • Cooling with soft drying Mild Dry Cooling

    Precise temperature control helps prevent a rapid decrease in air humidity in the room, while maintaining the set temperature. The RH * level remains 10% higher than with conventional cooling. (* RH: relative air humidity). Ideal for sleeping with the air conditioner on.

  • Soft Dry

    First the air cools and drains. Then the room is continuously blown by a weak airflow at low compressor speeds to maintain air dryness without changing its temperature.

Air pollution control

  • Sensor Patrol

    The color of the sensor varies depending on the level of air pollution, offering a convenient and understandable visual indication of the operational state of the system.

Air treatment

Air ionizer

  • Advanced air purification system e-ion APS

    The device generates negative e-ions that trap dust particles and deactivate airborne bacteria and mold spores. A positively charged mega filter attracts dust and other contaminants that have been negatively charged to thoroughly purify the air.

Antiviral, anti-allergenic filter

  • Air purification system nanoe-G

    This function effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses and spores of mold that are in the air and on various surfaces, thus creating a cleaner living environment.

  • Protective filter SUPER alleru-buster

    The SUPER alleru-buster filter combines three effects at once: antiallergenic, antiviral and antibacterial, so that the air in your home is clean and healthy. This effect persists for 10 years.

Remote control

12-hour on / off timer

  • 12-hour on / off timer

    The exact operating time of the air conditioner (in hours and minutes) can be set in advance. After that, the device will start to work according to this setting every day before the system reboots.

Infrared remote control

On / off timer

  • 24-hour dual-timer on / off timer with installation in real time

    This function allows you to enter two different settings for turning on / off the air conditioner (hours and minutes) in 24-hour format.

Other features

  • Automatic mode switching

    Special sensors periodically measure the temperature inside and outside the room. Based on these measurements and the temperature set by you, the microprocessor determines the most suitable operating mode under current conditions.

  • Maintenance with access through the top panel

    Maintenance of external air conditioning units has always been a difficult task, especially when installing an external unit on a narrow balcony or on a skyscraper wall. Now, maintenance can be done simply by removing the top panel of the device, which greatly speeds up and simplifies access to its internal components.

Automatic diagnostics

Automatic restart

  • Remote automatic restart

    All models of air conditioners Panasonic can now work without a starter. Thanks to the function of random automatic restart (Random Auto Restart), the device automatically resumes after a power failure. 32 different typical switching circuits ensure that the air conditioning units in one building do not turn on all at the same time, but in turn. This function helps prevent power drops after a power failure.

Hot start

Design features