Air conditioners and split systems LG

LG air conditioners are one of the most popular and demanded air conditioners in Russia and around the world. Low noise with Jet Cool cooling function and NEO Plasma Plus air purification function LG air conditioners will create a comfortable environment and will provide clean air in any room.

Functions and design features

Priority features

Inverter technology

Night mode


Quiet operation of indoor unit

Air flow

Air flow distribution

Forced air cooling / heating

Air treatment

  • Triple Filter

    The triple filter consists of three special filters that destroy various dangerous organic compounds, for example, formaldehyde. It can also remove unpleasant odors, creating a comfortable atmosphere.

    1. A conventional deodorizing filter absorbs odors that cause headache and chronic fatigue.

    2. An anti-formaldehyde filter deters harmful formaldehyde vapors, and also prevents dermatitis, attacks of nausea and pneumonia.

    3. The VOC filter removes odors and hazardous volatile organic compounds that can emit items of furniture containing chemicals (carpets, paints, cleaners, furniture, etc.).

Plasma air purification filter

Antiviral, anti-allergenic filter

Other features

Automatic cleaning

Design features


Corrosion protection