Air conditioners and split systems Daikin

Daikin is one of the most popular brands specializing in the creation of high-tech air conditioning systems. Daikin air conditioners are represented by a wide range of multi-split and split systems for office, home and villa. If your choice fell on this manufacturer, then picking up an air conditioner with the necessary characteristics will be a simple task.

Functions and design features

Priority features

Motion Sensor

2-zone motion sensor
  • 2-zone sensor Intelligent Eye

    The 2-zone Intelligent Eye sensor determines which part of the room people are in and directs the flow of air away from them. If they are in both zones, the air will be directed vertically downward when heated, along the ceiling - when cooled. In the absence of people, the air conditioner will be transferred to an energy-saving mode (saving up to 30%).

Inverter technology

Night mode

Ventilation mode

  • Ambient air admixtures

    The admixture of atmospheric air increases the oxygen content in the room air.

Energy saving


  • Comfort sleep mode

    The function provides comfortable conditions at night due to a smooth temperature change.

Quiet operation of indoor unit

Silent operation of the external block

Air flow

Air flow distribution

Forced air cooling / heating

Air quality control

Humidity control

Air treatment

Deodorizing filter

Air ionizer

  • Source of the streamer discharge

    Generates fast electrons that destroy formaldehydes and eliminate unpleasant odors.

High Airflow Filtration

  • Continuous filter

    The long-lasting filter retains its cleaning properties without maintenance much longer than the standard filter.

  • The air filter with antimould processing

    Deletes particles of a suspension and dust, eliminates unpleasant smells, providing stable supply with clean air.

  • The filter with self-cleaning function

    Due to daily automatic cleaning of the filter costs of energy consumption are reduced and servicing, is provided optimum level of comfort.

Remote control

Infrared remote control

Wired remote control

On / off timer

Other features

Automatic diagnostics

Automatic cleaning

Automatic restart

Hot start

Design features


Corrosion protection